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The internet is home to many strange fads and fetishes. The latest in these is the mukbang, a U-tube program in which someone livestreams their consumption of a truly huge meal.

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I suppose it makes sense that, at a time when we are all fighting excess calories, we outsource our enjoyment of eating to someone else.

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credential stuffing

A hacker gains access to your account which he or she can then sell to other people so that they can access your online services for free. This is known as credential stuffing.

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We have become increasingly aware that we are not safe out on the internet. The ways in which people can rip us off seem to multiply.

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meme warfare

This is the spreading of ideas through social media, usually through images and tweets that attack a particular person, organisation, political party, etc., and that bring about a change in public opinion.

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Increasingly we are becoming aware of the threats to society that exist on unregulated social media. Since we also seem to be powerless to do anything about it, we can expect meme warfare to continue.

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The dictionary already has IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and Saas (software as a service). This term, MaaS, stands for mobility as a service.

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An important concept but one that is perhaps a too technical to have much currency.

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fasten up

To fasten up is a new compound verb that has moved from a computer context to general language. We can expect more fastening up in the future.

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The notion of fasten meaning ‘to increase the speed of’ rather than ‘to attach or fix’ seems slightly shocking, but I am surprised by how quickly I can get used to it.

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differential privacy

We want to ensure our privacy online while acknowledging that the big data obtained there can be very useful. Differential privacy is the system that keeps the privacy of the individual by introducing random noise into the data.

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This is an important concept but it is not something that the average person will be discussing over the dinner table. It is a piece of techie jargon.

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