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Gympie Line

 The Queensland state election of 2017 produced the Gympie Line. Apparently the LNP warned Malcolm Turnbull that he would not go down well with voters above Gympie and that it would be better if he did not cross the Gympie Line.

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What happens with voters above the Gympie Line is of great interest in this 2019 election.

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meme warfare

This is the spreading of ideas through social media, usually through images and tweets that attack a particular person, organisation, political party, etc., and that bring about a change in public opinion.

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Increasingly we are becoming aware of the threats to society that exist on unregulated social media. Since we also seem to be powerless to do anything about it, we can expect meme warfare to continue.

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 Narrowcasting has become a term in politics for the transmission of political messages to the particular groups in society that will respond well to them.

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Every election produces a new set of terms to meet a different style of politics delivered in a different way. The crossover from marketing to politics is familiar. This is one of the new marketing terms to make the transition.

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scandal fatigue

The notion of fatigue as weariness and disenchantment with a particular issue or phenomenon dates back to the 1940s in America.

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The collection of fatigues that we have identified has been growing quite steadily for some time now, so I predict that there will be more fatigues to come, now that everyone is looking out for them.

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Canberra bubble

In politics the Westminster bubble and the Washington bubble predate the Canberra bubble by a couple of decades.

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We are likely to hear more about the Canberra bubble in the electioneering that awaits us.

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PoliticsSue ButlerComment

L-plate leader, L-plate politician. These epithets have become a very Australian way of deriding our politicians.

ZG: 6

High marks for Australian connotations but low marks as just another bit of sloganeering emerging from Canberra.

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pinch point

This seems to have become popular in the jargon of business and politics where it means a point at which there is intense tension and conflict.

ZG: 5

A catchy bit of jargon but not hugely significant. Alliteration always gives a phrase staying power.

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nudge unit

It seems that all governments have one, these days.  This is a unit that devises interventions based on behavioural science to persuade citizens to do what is considered desirable.

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It seems scary to contemplate a future where we think that we are acting from our own free will but in fact are being manipulated to do so. Even if the intentions are good.

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differential privacy

We want to ensure our privacy online while acknowledging that the big data obtained there can be very useful. Differential privacy is the system that keeps the privacy of the individual by introducing random noise into the data.

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This is an important concept but it is not something that the average person will be discussing over the dinner table. It is a piece of techie jargon.

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