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The internet is home to many strange fads and fetishes. The latest in these is the mukbang, a U-tube program in which someone livestreams their consumption of a truly huge meal.

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I suppose it makes sense that, at a time when we are all fighting excess calories, we outsource our enjoyment of eating to someone else.

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consent guardian

We have witnessed the creation of the consent guardian, a person employed by a nightclub, bar or dance venue to oversee what is happening and be there to help someone who is feeling threatened in any way.

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The unicorn with the light-up help beacon is an appealing idea and an elegant solution to monitoring behaviour without being too much of a wet blanket. I suspect that we will have more consent guardians as owners and managers of venues do not want to be held accountable for the bad behaviour of attendees.

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dark kitchen

The dark kitchen is not a kitchen that serves a restaurant in which diners come to eat. There are no customers, just delivery couriers taking meals to people who have ordered by app.

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An interesting new term but probably not one that the general public encounters.

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