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The bricks-and-mortar retail shops have been feeling the pinch with more and more of their customers finding it easier to shop online.  So they have devised strategies to entice customers to come back to the shop.

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The threat of online shopping to bricks-and-mortar retail is very real. Whether this is a permanent solution or just a bright idea along the way to whatever happens, we will have to wait and see.

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vertical family

We have seen the rise of vertical family living, the increase in the number of families with small children occupying apartments in high-rise buildings close to the city centre.

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Anything to do with shifts in housing patterns is big news in Australia.

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nudge unit

It seems that all governments have one, these days.  This is a unit that devises interventions based on behavioural science to persuade citizens to do what is considered desirable.

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It seems scary to contemplate a future where we think that we are acting from our own free will but in fact are being manipulated to do so. Even if the intentions are good.

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