This is a play on an existing word, clickbait, defined as internet content whose sole purpose is to persuade the viewer to click on a link to another site.  The bricks-and-mortar retail shops have been feeling the pinch with more and more of their customers finding it easier to shop online.  So they have devised strategies to entice customers to come back to the shop.

An example of this might be redesigning the shop so that it looks more homey, with comfortable couches and a casual scattering of clothes. Upmarket shops might include a champagne bar. And while staff on the whole are discreetly in attendance, there could well be specialist help, as for example with shoe fittings from the shoe concierge. Brickbait is about feel and ambience, and the occasional treat for the customer. I’m looking forward to being made to feel special the next time I shop.

marketingSue ButlerComment