universal healthy reference diet

universal healthy reference diet.png

This is the result of work commissioned by the Lancet Medical Journal to establish what the correct diet for human beings should be that would not involve destroying the environment.  Thirty-seven scientists from 16 countries worked on it for three years.  The results were published in January 2019. It is a table of the ideal consumption quantities of protein, carbohydrate, minerals, unsaturated oils, etc., which you then have to convert into what you buy at the shops so that the total calorie intake per day for an adult is 2500.  Understandably it involves a drastic reduction in the consumption of red meat and sugar, and an increased reliance on plant-based foods.

 The reference diet is seen as a public health project that will improve the health of human beings and help to save the planet at the same time.  It needs governments to back it, farmers to change their ways, and the population at large to change its eating habits. Some people think it can be done.

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