concierge parent

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The concierge parent differs from the helicopter parent in that, while the helicopter parent is hovering overhead to protect the child from any danger, the concierge parent is there to solve all of life’s problems for the child. Whatever the child does that creates a difficulty can be sorted out by this kind of parent who will leap into action and remove any unpleasant consequences. It seems to be an alternative name for the lawnmower parent, the parent who constantly smooths the path in front of the child.

 The most recent notable example of concierge parenting came from the group of American parents who bribed access for their children into some of the best colleges in the U.S. But it can also occur at a more lowly level where parents will write notes to cover for their  underperforming children. Homework not done? Absent from school? Never mind. Mum will fix it with a parental excuse.