This is an education approach mostly used by parents who are teaching their children at home, whereby the child leads the way in indicating their interests and the parents follow the child’s lead, possibly steering a little towards curriculum goals so that they can then write up the activities undertaken during the week in a way that meets the criteria of the education authority.  Unschooling is also called natural learning. It differs from home schooling in that the starting point there is the school curriculum which dictates the program conducted at home. The only difference between traditional school and home schooling is that the schooling is conducted at home, allowing a relaxation of some of the disciplinary features of school.  Unschooling is driven by the interests of the child, is subject to the child’s energy and motivation, is organic and eclectic, and entirely self-directed.  It is perhaps made possible now by the wealth of resources on the internet. 

 The term unschooling was coined by the U.S. educator, John Holt, 1923 -85, who felt strongly that the American education system was failing children in primary school, and that parents were better off teaching their children at home.