bin cocky

bin cockie.jpg


First we had the bin chicken, the ibis that loves to raid the garbage bins, but the bins need to be open or accessible for the ibis to succeed. Now we have the bin cocky which goes one step further. The sulphur-crested cockatoo has learnt how to lift the lid on the wheeliebin to access the food inside.  It grabs hold of the side of the bin with one claw and then uses either its beak or its other claw to push the lid up a certain way. Then it flicks the lid up as hard as it can. Not all cockatoos can perform this trick so the rest wait for the master to open the treasure chest. Some of them are watching and learning, others are content to just sit back and wait for the food to be delivered. The bin cocky or bin cockie, whichever you prefer, is now the subject of researchers interested in to what extent animals can innovate and then teach that innovation to others so that it becomes something known within the group.