triple dropping

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The recent concerns about the increased strength of the drug MDMA that was turning up in Australia introduced me to terms like double dropping and triple dropping.  This is basically taking two or three pills at once. There is a lot of discussion on the internet about the advisability of doing this, not only along the lines of whether it is safe or not, but whether it actually increases the intensity or not. Is it worth the cost either way? 

 This also made me aware that to talk about a trip is very old hat.  These days you have a roll. You set out to roll on the weekend.  One online adviser was referred to as a roll nazi — he advised that you should always leave four weeks between rolls so that your body can recover. 

 Molly as a name for amphetamines has been around for a while, although, in the context of MDMA, it seems to refer to the gel capsules in particular. The latest thing in potent ecstasy is the poke ball. They are usually thicker than the standard MDMA pill and have a logo on one side and a Pokeball score on the other.

 Similarly a rail, a long thin line of powdered drug that you snort, has been around for a while, but the parachuteor bomb is comparatively new. This is a parcel of the powdered drug rolled up in a piece of one-ply toilet paper which serves to prevent the horrible taste coming through as you ingest it.. 

 Finally there is pressie for the pressed tablet. This is one prepared by a dealer using a tablet press with a small amount of MDMA mixed with a binder and pressed into a pill shape. The pills are different colours and can have pretty designs pressed into them.


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