prosperity theology


Politics always turns up some interesting new words. In this case it is prosperity theology, sometimes called prosperity gospel, the brand of theology espoused by the church which Scott Morrison attends. The idea behind prosperity theology is that believers have a kind of contract with God. It goes as follows: I will attend church and pray and do good works (donations to charities) and You oh Lord will give me health, wealth and prosperity.  This kind of good Christian is encouraged to make their way in the world, as opposed to becoming a religious recluse, so that they embrace the ways of the world and the rewards to be experienced on this earth.

In some churches of this kind there is also the Pentecostal notion that the believer enters into the spirit of God and, while transported by this intense experience, has the power to heal the sick and bring about prosperous outcomes. You just have to believe hard enough. This religion is all about feeling rather than dogma.

Naturally this is an American-origin brand of theology because it combines neatly with the American dream – work hard enough and anyone can become a millionaire.

It’s nice that at the end you don’t have to feel guilty about your riches or even responsible for those who are not so rich, because, after all that hard work, belief and church activity, you are entitled!

ZG: 7

Apparently Pentacostalism is on the rise in Australia. Its perceived advantages over more traditional religions are an emphasis on sociability, more modern music, feel-good rituals rather than engagement with dogma, and an underpinning of prosperity theology that rewards the aspirations of Western capitalism.