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The sceptics as a group have always opposed people attempting to promote a belief or practice with scientific basis. When they found an egregious case of unscientific mumbo-jumbo they would exclaim Wooooo

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Apart from the appeal of this word, there is the likelihood that we will encounter more woomeisters peddling vast quantities of woo in the anti-science future.

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drone swarm

We are by now used to seeing people practising with drones in the park and think of them as the latest toy. But imagine a whole lot drones, laden with explosives, swarming on a target.

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The uses for drones seem to have proliferated. Some of them are good, some are very bad.

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social robot

The social robot robot of the future will have a pleasant smile and an urbane manner, and be sensitive to our moods and needs.

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Developments in robotics are happening at speed but, even if I do end up with a robot that smiles at me, I suspect that I won’t rate it highly.

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