CAR-T therapy

CAR-T therapy.jpg


This is described as a revolutionary new method for treating cancer in which the patient’s own T-cell lymphocytes (found in the immune system) are harvested and genetically re-engineered, with the addition of a receptor gene that binds to a specific protein in the cancer, before re-introduction into the patient’s body. The supercharged T-cells then are able to fight the cancer. It is particularly effective in treating blood cancers.

 The receptor gene is called a chimeric antigen receptor or CAR.  The T-cells are a form of lymphocyte produced in the thymus – thus T-cell.  And a leukocyte is a special white blood cell formed in the lymph glands.  The whole thing is reduced to CAR-T.  The logical pronunciation is [kar-tee] but it is being said as [kart].