Backpackers in the past have usually had very little money and have paid for their travel by doing odd jobs, usually ones that no one else wants to do such as picking fruit in Australia. They also find budget accommodation or camp out in order to make their small fund of cash last as long as possible.

 But a new kind of packpacker has emerged, one who feels no compunction about asking the locals to support their trip. Sometimes they provide some entertainment by busking, or sell cheap goods in the street, thus competing with the local poor who are trying to make ends meet in the same way.

Sometimes they cheerfully beg. Enter the begpacker.

 It seems that somewhere out on the internet begging has lost its stigma. There is no reason why you can’t ask all your friends to crowdfund your holiday.  Similarly there is no reason why you can’t ask people in the street to hand over their cash so that you can continue the holiday of your dreams.