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A chip implant is a particular kind of bio-implant which has in it a smart chip (of the kind you normally have in a device or a plastic card) that relies on near field communication to act, for example, as a digital pass into a building, or a chip ticket to allow you to travel on a train, or a storage for personal data.

Near field communication is, just to remind you, the short-range wireless technology that allows you to wave your card across a card reader to make a transaction.  

The implant is inserted into the hand, usually the left hand and usually in the fold of skin between the thumb and the index finger. This allows for easy hand swiping.  It takes a minute to chip someone so the process is comparable to getting a body piercing.  For those of us who are used to invasive ways of altering and adorning our bodies, it would be a snack and would make life so much easier. Mind you, my nasty mind has turned to the possibility of a whole new kind of crime. Instead of stealing your wallet, thieves now have to get control of your hand.

We have been doing this with pets for some time but because the whole idea was new then we very formally referred to it as a pet microchip. I notice that this has been reduced to pet chip. But the human version seems to be linked to the set of implants, and these days a chip is just a chip. We are so very laidback about them now that we don't need to specify that they are a microchip.

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I can see the great advantages of this way of organising our swiping lives so I am going to bet that this will take off.

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