fat shredder

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It is odd the words we choose to put together. I was familiar with the concept of the fat blaster, a name which creates a graphic image of fat being obliterated.

 Oddly enough the latest pill to make you lose weight has in it an explosive called DNP, an abbreviation for 2,3 dinitrophenol, used in French munitions in the First World War. But it is not a fat blaster, it is a fat shredder.  Shredding fat sounds so much more energetic and effective and speedy than just losing it. We have been shredding weight rather than just losing it for a decade or so, by various means such as good ol’ dieting, wrapping yourself in clingwrap, doing exercises, drinking lots of water, and so on. Now there is a pill to take.

 This particular shredder speeds up the metabolism of the body. Unfortunately once this process has started nothing can stop it, and, also unfortunately, some people cannot survive the accelerated rate, so deaths have occurred. Of course the medication is banned but it is still being illegally obtained.

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