A piss-weak bunch of bedwetters



The next time someone says that we are being taken over by American English, I will  point to the difference in the way our politicians hurl abuse.  We stick to terms that have been crafted in the playground, insults like bedwetter which belongs in the following set listed in the Macquarie Thesaurus:

 cry-baby, doormat, gutless wonder, jelly blubber, jellyfish, paper tiger, softie, sook, sop, weakie, wimp, wuss.

 We describe people as piss-weak. Keating famously called Hawke a jellyback for being too eager to win the approval of others.

 Compare this with Trumpisms like lightweightclownmoronbackstabbing loser.  The worst thing Trump can say about someone is that they are boring, or dopey, which again has the ring of childish insults but from American children, not Australian.

 Clive Palmer picked up Make America Great Again and turned it into his election mantra Make Australia Great. Apparently this was going to be the first time we were great, thanks to Clive. Australia had never been great before so he couldn’t use the final Again. The rest of us have mostly eschewed Trumpisms. But we are happy to use a piss-weak bunch of bedwetters.


Sue ButlerComment